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Rental FAQs
What areas do you service for nightly rentals?
We service the entire Twin Cities area in Minnesota. If your event takes place outside the metro, there is a $40/hour one way charge that will be added on to your rental.
How long does it take to set up for my event once on-site?
Our photo stations take literally less than 10 minutes to set up and be ready to go!
Will I get to see the “overlay” prior to my event?
Yes! You will get to work back and forth with our graphics department to make sure the overlay is exactly what you want. Once you approve it, that exact design will be loaded on to the photo station for your event.
When is the payment for my rental due?
For nightly rentals, we require only a $100 deposit to lock up your date with the remaining balance being due 14 days prior to the event date. For monthly rentals, we collect the first monthly payment 14 days prior to the installation date. If renting for additional months, you will need to make your payment prior to the start of each additional month.

Purchase FAQs
How long does it take to get my kiosk fully up and running in my location once I purchase one?
We can have it fully installed and generating new business in as little as 7 business days from the time your order is received! Installation is FREE if installed with in the Twin Cities Metro Area! For locations outside of MN, an instructional video will be provided showing step by step directions on how to set up your photo station along with full phone support.

General FAQs
What are your requirements of my venue, bar, etc?
We need an outlet and a wi-fi connection. That’s it!
How much space does the photo station take up?
The base measures 25” wide by 18” deep. Please keep in mind that there will need to be room in front of the photo station for guests to stand while they are taking and sharing their pictures.
Where should I place the photo station at my location?
To get the best results, locate it where ever the most traffic occurs, typically towards the entrance of your establishment.
How much electricity does the photo station use?
It uses 120 watts which is the equivalent of using two 60 watt light bulbs so VERY cheap to run.
Will the photo station scratch my floor?
All of our photo stations have felt pads on the bottom of the base making sure to not leave any trace on the floor where it stands.
How does the user interface on the photo station work?
We figured we would answer this question with a video. Please click here.


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